Bally Chohan confirms through study that yoga really keep expectant mother away from stress

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So you caring mothers waiting for what? Heath of your child is actually in your hands.

If expectant mother feel stress during pregnancy it means that it could a matter of tension for both child and mother. You might not know that if your stress level or we can say anxiety increases when you are pregnant it means you are I real trouble and results are somewhat devastating including child less weight, premature birth or certain health problems that child might face.

It has been proved that yoga actually lower the stress level and also improve the emotional state of pregnant women. If you have certain questions in mind that whether it is good to practice yoga yes of course it is the correct time to practice yoga says Bally Chohan

Reduce your anxiety level by one third only by attending a single yoga session. Bally Chohan carried out a test and divide pregnant ladies into two groups. First group attend yoga session daily while other one don’t. After few days he came to know that even in a single yoga session stress level of pregnant ladies is actually reduced by 14% and their anxiety level would be somewhat lowered to one third.

You can even practice yoga after your delivery.


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This simple finger test ‘can tell you if you’re good looking’

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Katy Winter, finger test Is Katy Winter good looking? (Picture: MailOnline)

How can you tell if you’re good looking? With just this simple ‘finger test’, apparently…

If your lips touch your finger after you put it against your chin and nose then you are officially attractive, according to the exam.

The ‘Beauty and Ugliness Identification Method’, as it’s also known, recently became popular on Chinese social network Weibo, with celebrities even trying it out.

Katy Winter, finger test The test says yes (Picture: MailOnline)

If you ‘fail’ the test, though, don’t feel too disheartened – experts say it’s not full proof, although they admit it does count.

‘This is actually a bone fide test for lower facial symmetry and proportions. It is called Rickett’s E-line,’ Dr Mark Holmes told Mail Online.

Bianca London, finger test Does Bianca London pass the finger test? (Picture: MailOnline)

‘Is it a sign of beauty? That’s a stretch. But part of beauty is determined by symmetry and correct proportions. However, it…

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Bally Chohan: Divest yourself of dyspepsia by practicing yoga

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As per the statistics of Bally Chohan Around one fourth of the population in UK is affected by dyspepsia .actually people have one common thing in their mind and they basically consider their health in second position while their career and business on the first position. This problem basically occurs due to indigestion as well as oily and junk food that you might eat.

What are the various causes of dyspepsia?

  • Eating too fast
  • Eating so much
  • If you eat wrong food like curd with that of milk
  • If you are neglecting proper mastication
  • Excessive intake of oily food
  • Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Insomnia
  • If you altogether eat and drink
  • If food is not cooked well

Bally Chohan Yogic experts may provide proper guidance how yoga helps to get rid of dyspepsia:

Yoga is that practice that not only decreases the chances of occurrence of certain dreadful disease but only may help to remove stress, make you full energetic and you would be always healthy, wealthy and wise.

Various yoga asana are listed as below:

Locust pose:

After performing this pose you find yourself free from certain digestive problems like gas, acidity, constipation etc

Cobra position:

You can get more flexible back from the middle by practicing this asana. It basically improves circulation of blood to the spine and also improves digestive system.

Wind relieving pose:

You might get rid of acidity, gas, constipation after performing such asana and it would be a wonderful pose that might improves digestion.

Wheel pose:

It would improve your digestive system and nervous system as well and also influence various hormonal secreations






Bally Chohan: Feel fresh in summers with yoga

bally chohan

As the hot season is about to reach one thing that came in mind of people is sweating.oh my god these intolerable summer bring unobvious frustration, laziness and itching.

One cannot completely get rid of these summers but can feel fresh and relaxed too.

Bally Chohan provide you several ways to feel comfortable while practicing yoga

  • Believe in your inner soul and practice yoga with your mind as it is also the exercise of mind.
  • Enjoy each and every asana
  • From 100% try to give at least your 50%
  • Don’t drink too cold water
  • Try to drink watermelon juice, coconut water
  • Add mint to water in order to stay cool
  • Practice yoga on an ease in summers:

Correct outfit:

Wear comfortable cotton clothes so that you would feel comfortable. You can try your shorts and sleeveless but try to avoid wearing tight fitted clothes.

What to eat and drink?

Avoid eating spicy foods and try to carry a water bottle with you in order to stay hydrated; you can even have some sugar candies if you are suffering from hypotension.

How to beat summers:

Don’t to be there in summers for long period of time as well as try to wear hat that may prevent your head from hot summers.

Take a chill-pill:

You should stay cool and calm while practicing yoga

Stay away from these things while practicing yoga:

  • Try to avoid any kind of competition with you and other members too
  • Don’t to increase the level of stress on our body. Listen to your body and when your body say stop at that very moment of time stop practicing yoga
  • Try to avoid practice in heat.

by Bally Chohan

Bally Chohan: Stay miles away from pollen allergy by practicing yoga

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You all must not be aware of this pollen allergy but one who suffers from sneezing, runny noses, itching in your eyes, coughing must be aware of this disease as these all are symptoms that person suffering from pollen allergy might face and it would be at zenith point when small particles from trees, grass get releases in summer as well as in spring season.

Bally Chohan Yoga Experts list out some symptoms of this pollen allergy:

Water starts coming out of your eyes


Itching in your eyes

“Allergic salute”: you must not know the meaning of allergic salute. When person start rubbing his/her nose and that to be in upward direction that might even cause several marks on nose


Less flow of blood to sinus that might cause dark circles

If you want to get rid away from such disease you can practice various yoga asana prescribed by Bally Chohan:

Breath balancing pose:

Commonly known to be padadhirasana that balance the pranic passages in accordance with proper flow of oxygen to your both nostrils. You can easily perform meditation, pranayama after that.


Known to be breath of fire technique that basically provides you nasal massage .it is the fast breathing technique that my take stale air out of your nose and provides you healthy breathing

Jala neti:

Nasal cleansing asana that may guide you to use salt water in order to clean your nasal passage. If you are ready to eat your meal thrice a day then why to left any scope to wash your nose. It can be washed with salt water once a day. It basically removes all dust particles and make you allergy free.


Bally Chohan: Treatment of piles (hemorrhoids) by yoga

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This disease may not threaten your life but may cause unbearable pain because of the swollen veins around the anal canal. Piles can be of two types either internal or external and people of all ages are the victims of such dreadful disease.

Some common Symptoms of piles are:

  • On the toilet paper or in stool you would observe dark red color.
  • You will notice a swelling in area of anus that can either be caused by blood clots.
  • Bleeding is not necessarily to be there in piles.

Bally Chohan yoga experts may tell several reasons why this disease may take place:

  • Less exercise
  • Obesity
  • Constipation
  • Intake of too much oily food
  • Low fiber diet that you may take

There may be several yoga practices defined by Bally Chohan that may help to eliminate piles

Matsya asana(fish pose):

Lie down on your back and try to keep your hands aside. Raise your chest with the help of head, legs as well as hands. Be in this position for about 25 to 30 seconds .you can perform this exercise for about four to five times in a day.

Sarvanga asana or commonly known to be candle pose:

Lie down on your back, try to keep your hands aside and join your feet together.try to raise your legs slowly and steadily at 90 degrees then after try to raise your spine in the same way.hold this position for about 10 seconds. Thereafter lower your body to ground. Repeat same steps for about 4 to 5 times in a day.

You can try other more asanas like shirsha asana, chakrasana, tada asana, surya namaskara, pavana mukta asana, chakrasana.